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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ghost Rider: Uppsala Run Part 1 and 2

Also known as Ghost Rider: The Final Ride. This dude makes a 68 km trip (from Stockholm to Uppsala) through traffic in under 15 minutes. Mind boggling stuff. Much of it looks pretty mundane by our standards - overtaking on the wrong side, weaving through a lot of (very docile) traffic - until you consider the fact that the guy is averaging roughly 270 kmph.


Stargazer said...

This guy's bloody bonkers!!

Bill said...

If he wasn't on meth, he must have some kind of severe hormone imbalance. I'll bet he got on a bike when he was 3. I guess the Swedes don't have police helicopters. Then again, few can fly that fast! You think he was just late for his math class at Uppsala University? Or maybe he wanted to get to their Department that studies the coming 'peak oil' crisis, worried about not having enough fuel for his bike.