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Monday, February 12, 2007

Understanding Dharma and Karma: The first steps on the path to the Truth

I think these Wikipedia articles are necessary reading for any individual seeking to understand the Truth, but who isn't sure where to start:
  1. Dharma
  2. Karma
  3. Moksha
I also thought the article on Hinduism was very balanced and gave exactly the right amount of space to the blind, ritual based variety of Hinduism practiced by the majority of Hindus. In fact, what was most interesting was that the URL of the article was, Sanatana Dharma being the overarching philosophy of Hinduism from which the religious aspects are derived. There is also a clear explanation of the Hindu concept of God, which most occidentals (hell, most practicing Hindus, even) are unaware of.
The section on Conversion to Hinduism also makes for interesting reading. Something all the Christian priests running around India in their headlong rush to convert the masses of heathens probably need to look at first. Ditto for all the Hindutva brigade goons and their cobbled together rituals to convert back the converted.

Why don't they get it? You can't stop someone from being Hindu with some ridiculous ritual. You can't make someone a Hindu with an equally ridiculous ritual. Hinduism is the pursuit of the Truth. That's it. If that is what you're doing, then you're Hindu. If you aren't, then you're not.

You may also want to read: Benny Hinn and other things (or Hinduism 101)


Stargazer said...

Requires more meat. Like the first one you had written. Or are you planning to write a followup?

d nova said...

i thought truth is simply that which is not false...?

hey, u back? if so, welcome!

Kai Wren said...

You're right of course. The next question is 'How do you define false?' :-D
The Truth is whatever you wish it to be. However, you must be prepared accept that you could be completely wrong, or that different Truths could be valid simultaneously.
What this means is that I personally have no objection to people who believe that in faith lies the path to the Truth. What I dislike is their condemnation of other possible Truths for nothing besides their own pride and arrogance.

Kai Wren said...

PS: Yes, I'm back. Sort of...